In the tradition of
has specially selected,
along with the cooperation & partnership from the Military Order of the Purple Heart,
the following service men & women,
injured in the line of duty.
All of these HEROES listed below have sacrificed their lives
and have sustained mental and or physical injuries
while defending our cities, states & country.
Each recipient below was gifted an instrument of healing by the
These guitars were presented at community events
to assist in their ongoing mental and physical therapy.
We use music therapy to heal their minds, bodies and souls.
In addition, we are saving lives from as many as 22 veteran PTSD suicides a day.


Craig Gross (father of son K.I.A. in Afghanistan) 
Cpl Joshua White (US Army)-(double amputee)
Cpl Mike Kistel (Us Army)-(survivor of 4 IED explosions)
Cpl Mike Vail (US Army)-(paralyzed in Iraq)
Cpl Bret Menardski (US Army)-(quadriplegic, paralyzed in Afghanistan)
Sgt. Max David Gauhier (US Army)-(amputee Afghanistan)
Sgt. Todd Armbruster (US Army)-(double amputee)
Sgt David Croft (US Army)-(K.I.A. Baghdad, Iraq) Bother Tyler Croft accepts on his behalf.
Cpl. Justin Gaertner (US Army)-(double amputee, IED blast - Marjah, Afghanistan)
Sgt. Claude Normandeau (Canadian Armed Forces) (shot in chest, ptsd, Afghanistan) 
SSG E-6 Brian Bentley (US Army)-(traumatic brain injury, ptsd) (Afghanistan) (Purple Heart recipient)
Sgt Michael Jackson (US Army)-(disabled by rocket fire/shrapnel) (Purple Heart recipient)
Steve Surface (US Army)-(Survived IED attack) (Purple Heart recipient) 
Deputy Troy Savetz (Pinellas County Sheriff, Retired US Army Marine) Injured in suicide rescue.
Michael Delancey (US Army, MARINE) Paralyzed by sniper attack in Iraq
John Yagelka (Assistant Fire Warden World Trade Tower 1) Survivor of Sept. 11th Attack
Michele & Don Carey (Gold Star Mother/Father) Parents of fallen soldier K.I.A. Cpl. Barton R. Humlhanz
Kevin Bruffet (US Army) Injured in Afghanistan, Sept. 25th - 2012 (Purple Heart recipient)
Carl Moore (US Army) Injured in Afghanistan, June 4th - 2013 (Purple Heart recipient)
Dimitri DelCastillo (US Army) K.I.A. June 25th - 2011 - Afghanistan (Purple Heart recipient)
Ross Quarnoccio (US Army Ranger) Injured in Vietnam - 1970 (Purple Heart recipient)
SSG Michael Anthony Fradera (Us Army, MARINE) Injured Aug. 17th - 2007 IRAQ (Purple Heart recipient)
Joseph Garrido (US Army, MARINE) Injured in Anah IRAQ Oct. 27th - 2007 (Purple Heart recipient)
Michael Spears (US Army, MARINE) Injured in Afghanistan 2006
James Copeland - Vietnam Combat Veteran, Injured in Vietnam (2 X Purple Heart recipient)
Chris Gray -  Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart recipient)
Felix Garcia - Injured in the battle of Fallujah Iraq (2 X Purple Heart recipient)
Donald Brown - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart recipient)
Paul Cagle - Injured in Korean War (Purple Heart recipient)
Michael Hotz - Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart recipient)
Kelly Pounds - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Matthew Cooke - Victim of Domestic Terrorism/Fort Hood (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Jesse Gladney - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Edwin Canter - Injured in World War 2 (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
William Huffaker - Injured in Vietnam (2x Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Michael Mescavage - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Jason Johns - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Heath Soelzer - Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Connie Johnson - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal recipient) 
Richard Small - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal recipient)
Robert "BJ" Jackson - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Douglas Duvall - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Colonel John Bircher - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Hershel Gober - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Ryan Wilson - Injured in Iraq  (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Alejandro Rodriguez - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Andy Viola - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Glen Beaulieu - Injured in Panama (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Jonathan Mills - Injured in Iraq & Afghanistan (2X Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Patrick McElrath - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Cpl. Michael Gentile - Injured in Iraq - Injured all 3 Tours (Pending Purple Heart)
Sgt. Jorge Zapata - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
US Marine - John Dougan - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Charles Dykes - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
William McCaw - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Michael Lee - US Army - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Tiffany Hudgins - Marine - Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)
Jonny Flores - US Army - Injured in Baghdad Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Michael Jernigan - Marine - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Robert Kilmartin - US Army - Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Joel Tavera - US Army - Injured in Iraq (Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal Recipient)

Kevin Deary - US Army - Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Greg Amira - US Army - Injured in 911 (Twin Towers) & Iraq (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Jason Carter - US Army - Injured in Afghanistan (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Mal Clingan - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Richard Weltz - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

James Holland - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Michael Nemesh - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Allen Spare - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Lauren Montoya - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Ben Kopp/ accepted by mother Jill Stephenson - (KIA - Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Zigmund Laska - Marine - Injured in Vietnam (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

James Smith - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

David Middlebrooks - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Neil Van Ess - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Fred Taylor - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Joel C Graves - (Bronze Star Recipient)

Roger D. Spinelli - (Injured in Iraq)

Brian Burns - (PTSD)

Benjamin Wright - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient/Reno Police Officer)

Lisa De La Cruz - (Gold Star Mother) in memory of Dillon J. Semolina

Carlos De Leon - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Juan Velazques - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Rudy Salas - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Lee Hoisington - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

1st Lt. Daniel J. Brockunier - (Army National Guard)

Kevin Sitcer - (US Army Special Forces)

Mike Weesner - (Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Medal recipient)

John Teets - (Iraq Veteran 2X Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Richard "Bud" Allen - (Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Rob Keeler - (Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Gerard Dempster - (Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Philip Sanabria . (Purple Heart Medal recipient)

John Reiners - (Fallen Soldier) - Gold Star Mother Rona Jackson accepted on behalf.

Richard Hunt - (Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Joseph Garyantes - (Fallen soldier) - Gold Star wife Monika Garyantes accepted on behalf.

The Pointe Veterans Retirement Home -  Donated to their music program.

Corey Kowall - (Fallen soldier) - Gold Star mother Kelly Kowall accepted on behalf.

Jason Knowlton - (Iraq war veteran PTSD)

Tracy Brown Green - (Afghanistan Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Larisa Dickerson - (Iraq Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Michael "Goose" Bogmenko - (2X Purple Heart Medal recipient - Iraq & Afghanistan)

Perry Potter - (Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Tyler Jeffries - (Afghanistan Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Matt Sitton ( Fallen Soldier KIA Afghanistan - Purple Heart Medal recipient) Family accepted on his behalf.

David Hike (Currently serving in Afghanistan ) HSFH Grant - Sent two guitars for music therapy.

Joshua Gollie (Currently serving in Kuwait) HSFH Grant - Sent One guitar for music therapy.

Jay Clark (A1C - Military Police)

Robert Gross (Master Sergeant - US ARMY)

Childrens Burn Camp Fundraiser - Fire & Iron MC

Nicholas Chirillo (Vietnam 3X Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Thomas Ryan (Vietnam Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Charlie Dale (Vietnam Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Patrick Kennedy (Vietnam Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

James Barrie (Vietnam Purple Heart Medal recipient)

Daniel Stanley (Afghanistan Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Joshua Hager (KIA Iraqi Freedom - Feb. 23 2007) Presented to Goldstar family

Sgt. Anthony Rizzo (Afghanistan Veteran)

Sgt. Kenneth Katter (Iraq Purple Heart Medal Recipient)

Oronzo "Otto" Mazzilli (Vietnam Combat Veteran)


Sophie Delott (Signed up for Marines - Died - 06/28/19) Presented to Mother.

Army Spc. Zachary Shannon (KIA Enduring freedom - 03/13/2013) Presented to Goldstar Family.

Captain Jesse Melton III (KIA Afghanistan - 09/28/2008) Presented to Goldstar Mother Janice Chance

Michael Foster (3X Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Iraq & Afghanistan)

Guy Patterson (Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Vietnam)

Nicholas Lander (2X Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Afghanistan)

Captain Matt Bruce (2X Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Vietnam

Robert Groover (Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Afghanistan)

Major Mike Jones - Marine - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Vietnam)

Michael Reagan - Vietnam Veteran

Hope For The Children Ministries - Nevaeh

Harold Kemnitz - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient - Vietnam)

John Pack - US ARMY Airborne Special Forces

Jeffery Taylor - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient) Iraq

Col. John Doble - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient) Vietnam

Christopher Scott - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient) Afghanistan 

Daniel Hullett - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient) Iraq

Donald Lee Clough - (Purple Heart Medal Recipient) Korean War

Susan Price - (Gold Star Mother of Aaron M. Kenefick KIA Afghanistan

Sept. 8th 2009)

Kelly Kowall - (Gold Star Mother of Corey J. Kowall KIA Afghanistan

Sept. 20th 2009)

Murray Zolkower - (WWII Veteran 103 year old birthday celebration)

Robert Moll - (WWII Veteran 101 year old birthday celebration)








"We are proud to partner with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
in our STRONG, MUTUAL PASSION and support
 of the ongoing healing our wounded HEROES.

is a testament of the shocking reality of PTSD
and how all of our organizations can assist in saving the lives
of these brave men & women."

Wade Sabourin - President - Founder ~ HEART STRINGS FOR HEROES 


“We wanted to do something impactful to help our veterans in need. With this video and the accompanying campaign we hope to shed more light on the seriousness of their issues. The statistics are shocking, and if any change is to take place it will start with general public awareness. We have been playing numerous military shows but wanted to do more; educate, reach out and donate to the organizations that are making a difference to better the lives of our veterans.”

Heart Strings For Heroes brings light to a soldiers struggle with PTSD, and how he is using wood working to ease his pain. By clicking on the photo above, you can lend your support to his plight.... and have one of this HEROES creations sent to you!

Purple Heart Recipient - Michael Jackson & Heart Strings for Heroes founder, Wade Sabourin. - Onstage at: Heart Strings for Heroes DAYTONA BEACH HONORSFEST - 2014

Michael Delancey - Wounded/paralyzed in a sniper attack, in IRAQ. This incredible MARINE/HERO is still giving back and has helped the people in Haiti, while still in his current state, confined to a wheel chair. His inspiration was felt by 5000 people as Heart Strings for Heroes honored him, gave him a HSFH foundation guitar at a local music festival. Thank-you for your duty!

Heart Strings For Heroes presents a custom painted guitar to the family of fallen soldier, Cpl Frank Gross. Craig and Toni Gross attend many HSFH events, and Craig sings a song he wrote about his son... at every HSFH event.... very touching indeed.



Letters of appreciation written to Heart Strings for Heroes
Thank you for everything you guys do for your country
and all you do for our wounded brothers in arms
it's heroes like you...true patriots like yourselves that make all the difference.
Best wishes to you and yours
SSG Paul S Drum
Combat Veteran OIF 07-08, 09-10

Wade, I want you to know that I think what you do for Our Wounded Brothers & Sisters is awesome. Through the love of Music, you help to rebuild lives, one note at a time. How do I know this… two of the pictures below are of me. I know it helped me through some really tough times. It takes a Special type person to care, and give freely like you do. I am very Proud to know you. Know that Veterans are a very close knit group and we highly appreciate those who “Give Back” to those who have Given so much for Our Freedom. I am most humbled….. I salute You……. Kurt “ The Scorp”